The Right to Fly a Drone Commercially

The FAA Proposed Part 107 is coming: the right to fly a drone commercially without a Pilot’s License. Many unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) owners want to fly their drones commercially now the FAA has provided a path for any USA citizen to apply for the Part 107 exemption.  Phantom Knowledge provides all the training that is needed to pass the Knowledge Test.  Go HERE to learn more. The FAA has been working for over a year on a new set of rules (called Part 107) for flying commercially.   The … [Read more...]

Drone Made for a Man!

Autonomous Drone EHang 184 Will Carry People Like a Personal Car Are we finally catching up to George from the cartoon The Jetsons?  Drones are the latest technology in the history of modernization.  Now there is a drone capable of carrying a person! The Chinese Drone company, EHang, created the EHang 184 which stands for 1 drone with 8 propellers and 4 arms.  The 184 is about the size of a car and pretty much everything is automated.  The person inside sets up the map for their … [Read more...]

Phantom Deliveries

Well, no they are not using DJI Phantoms but Google, Amazon and others are testing ways to deliver packages, even pizza using drones. Millions of dollars are being spent in development while waiting for the FAA to give the go ahead. Check HERE for the CNN story. I believe UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are here to stay. The military according to the September 8, 2014 issue of Time Magazine have already clocked 2,000,000 hours of drone use. Drones are too valuable for too many businesses to … [Read more...]