Any purchases you make from DJI through this store helps to support Phantom Knowledge.  This in turn benefits you because as funding for Phantom Knowledge increases so does our time entered to make more drone-related training videos.

Jim has found that purchasing directly from DJI resulted in receiving the latest drone in the shortest amount of time.  The fact is DJI fulfills new drone orders to their own customers before fulfilling distributors orders.

When you order directly from DJI you know you are getting DJI equipment, not an imitation.  We don’t know of any imitations of drones but there are of propellers and other accessories.

So if you chose to purchase through this page it is much appreciated!

Jim Bendewald
Phantom Knowledge

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 large_P4A_189x111 (1)  Phantom 4 Advanced
 large_4_DJI_CARE_Refresh  DJI Care for Replacement
 large_5_ND_Filters  ND Filters for your drone
 large_189x111-1  DJI Mavic Pro
 large_OsmoS_189x111  OSMO Mobile Silver
 large_IN2_189x111_v2  Inspire 2 New Release
 large_fanxin_189x111  DJI Refurbished
 large_goggles_en_189x111  DJI Goggles (New)