Do I need a Drone?

Why Are They So Popular?

It is as if people have suddenly decided drones are a must have for photographing stuff or at least themselves!  Most people buying their first drone do so because they know someone who has one and it looks fun — so why not?  In addition to simply having fun there are several important benefits to owning a drone.   Here are a few:

There is no better way to take a picture / video of something from the sky than with a drone.  Yes, there are kites and real airplanes but drones are accessible to most anyone in the western world.    These days the drones shoot at 4K or 2.7K which is much higher resolution than the standard 1080p or 1080i.  Though the sensors are small and the compression is high the picture quality is still pretty amazing.  DJI and other makers of quadcopters are continuing to push the envelope for producing excellent quality photo / video.  It is truly amazing how far they have come in just two years.  Now with the DJI Inspire 1 Professional one can use interchangeable lenses including zoom (which is zoom able and focus able from the mobile device), super wide angle “fisheye” lens and low light prime lenses for creating beautiful, sharp, professional quality photos and video.

Zoom lens-0154

A quick overview of broad areas of property is now possible with the use of drones.  Drones are a tremendous help in agriculture for observing the quality of the crops through sky level video.  DJI will soon release a new camera for the Inspire 1 Professional which is designed to shoot infrared.  This technology is another tool for determining the wet and dry areas of crop fields and the quality of crops.

The infrared technology will also help firefighters know where the fiery hot spots are.  One of the reasons why it can be hard to fight broad fires is because the fire is usually being fought from the side. Drones can be useful by having “eyes in the sky” so the firefighters will have a better idea of where the fire is heading and where it is being contained.

Since many drones are equipped with GPS, it is another bit of technology being used to help people find people or animals.  A few months ago there was a local story of a drone used by the Fire Department to identify and eventually help the police capture a suspect.  That is a pretty cool and effective use of a drone.  Speaking of police, drones can be very helpful in identifying suspect’s location or the number of suspects, while staying out of harm’s way.

Commercially a huge market value for drones is showing the extent and value of land and building properties.  More and more real estate companies are investing in drone-based photography and videography to best display their clients assets.  A Californian based company called DroneBase hires pilots to fly drones for commercial real estate purposes.

So whether your primary purpose is fun, showing off or helping you with your work, drones are becoming more and more a part of our lives.  Learn to fly your Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 by using Phantom Knowledge step-by-step training.

Jim Bendewald