Part 107 Drone School

Streamlined training to get you qualified to pass the Knowledge Test fast!

Training for the Part 107 Knowledge Test
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The FAA has brought drone flyers a new ruling, this time it is a positive one. By following some guidelines and passing the Part 107 Knowledge Test a drone pilot can now qualify to fly commercially. However, passing the test will require significant study. Phantom Knowledge is equipping drone flyers to learn what they need to learn in a streamlined fashion. There are numerous documents to be familiar with, we provide the ones you need and specify what parts you need to learn.  Our program has now been updated to life-of-this-website membership.  You will receive all access to this site for many years to come. Check out this video to learn more.

Part 107 Drone School by Phantom Knowledge is the fastest way to study for the Part 107 Knowledge Test. The FAA has designated “Part 107” as the exemption needed for commercial use of drones.  Finally, anyone with a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or drone could qualify to fly commercially. Phantom Knowledge has produced easy-to-follow comprehensive training to help you study for and pass the Part 107 knowledge exam. This video provides a preview into the program.



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Part 107 Drone School + PK Life Membership
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The Part 107 Drone School provides streamlined training for helping drone users understand and pass the FAA Knowledge test.  We have the program organized according to the FAA Study Guide which has 12 chapters.  As you can see below we have the 12 chapters plus additional chapters.  The total video time is currently at 3 hours or 184 minutes.  More videos will continue to be produced to help our members.

Chapter 1  Regulations (29 minutes)
Chapter 2 Airspace (14 minutes)
Sectional Charts (10 minutes)
FAA Test Questions (25 minutes)
Chapter 3a Weather Sources (17 minutes)
Chapter 3b Weather Effects (18 minutes)
Chapter 4 Aircraft Loading (5 minutes)
Chapter 5 Emergency Procedures (11 minutes)
Chapter 6 Crew Resource Management (5 minutes)
Chapter 7 Radio Communications (3 minutes)
Chapter 8 UAV Performance (4 minutes)
Chapter 9 Physiological Factors (7 minutes)
Chapter 10 Decision Making (11 minutes)
Chapter 11 Airport Operations (10 minutes)
Chapter 12 Maintenance and Inspections (9 minutes)
Chris’s Test Insights (6 minutes)

The Part 107 Drone School also includes ALL the Phantom Knowledge training for life.  To learn more about the Phantom Knowledge training and which aircraft it is for go HERE.  Periodically we produce supplemental videos to help our customers fly safer and with more confidence.   Plans are in the works for several new intermediate videos which should benefit every drone flyer.   There are no discounts for those not interested in the Phantom Knowledge training.

Phantom Knowledge is  © James Bendewald, 2014, 2015.
Membership purchases are made through James Studio, LLC