Phantom Deliveries

Well, no they are not using DJI Phantoms but Google, Amazon and others are testing ways to deliver packages, even pizza using drones. Millions of dollars are being spent in development while waiting for the FAA to give the go ahead. Check HERE for the CNN story. Google-Drone

I believe UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are here to stay. The military according to the September 8, 2014 issue of Time Magazine have already clocked 2,000,000 hours of drone use. Drones are too valuable for too many businesses to not be allowed.

There are valid concerns that one day a UAV will hurt someone. Rules regarding UAVs will get implemented in concern for privacy issues and to help keep people safe. There may also be a requirement to receive training before flying a UAV or Phantom quad copter. Phantom Knowledge will be a reliable source for helping people fly safely.

To see a fun video about what Google is experimenting with, check the Google story.