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Training for the DJI Phantom drones — Training for FAA Part 107 knowledge test

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Training for the DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Phantom 2 and Inspire 1 quadcopters.

Learn about the Part 107 Drone School and see videos describing it. 

Flying the DJI drones are loads of fun, that is once you get up and running. This can take hours, even days trying to figure it out on your own. The reason is learning to fly a drone is most likely very different from anything you have done before. Some of the terminology will likely be foreign to you without our help. You could simply open the box, power up the batteries and start flying. However, the potential for hazards and crashes are extremely high without having plenty of experience flying your particular drone.

Phantom Knowledge establishes from the beginning exactly how to get setup properly which includes a walk through for firmware updates specific to your drone.  The videos demonstrate the essential steps from powering up the batteries to making adjustments in the software. You will learn specifics about the controller and how to practice with it. Phantom Knowledge training is not a long string of words. Rather, everything is broken into topics and is demonstrated with on-screen visuals, showing you what to do for your first flights.

For those new to radio controlled quad copters they will need to learn the Go App 4 software. Just the vast number and variety of features can fell daunting — way more than you would think from a simple app. Our training dives in to help you know what you need to know. The step-by-step training makes the setup easy no matter which DJI quadcopter you have. The Phantom Knowledge videos are designed to clear up mysteries and ease you into flying with knowledge and security. So you will know what you are doing BEFORE you go out to fly for the first time.

The Phantom Knowledge videos cover the right amount of content to give the viewer what they need without overwhelming them with information.  The content is quite concentrated so the viewer doesn’t need to spend, what seems like, endless minutes waiting for the video to say something pertinent.  On the other side of the coin, the videos are systematic and thorough so the viewer gets all the essentials, learning the steps needed.  There is nothing more frustrating than to listen to an instructor say, you are to do this and this but they assume too much and leave out essential steps for how to accomplish it.  Phantom Knowledge provides the right balance.

One Phantom 3 customer wrote:

A great way to learn about the Phantom 3 and keep it safe
“Before taking my Phantom 3 out for the first time, I wanted to get some training outside the manual that came with it. I found Phantom Knowledge to be a great value for the money. Lessons are well explained, and they are updated regularly. I even had a couple of questions and contacted the trainer by email and he was able to give me additional information that helped me decide on upgrades. There is no way to explain the difference this training has made, I feel safer flying the drone, more confident in my flying abilities and I am able to produce some incredible video and photos.”

Why become an annual member or maintain monthly membership?   Periodically Phantom Knowledge adds new video-based lessons and other content only available to members!


Phantom Knowledge now includes training for:
1.  Phantom 2 Vision Plus
2.  Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced
3.  Phantom 3 Standard & 4K (Lessons 1 & 2)
4.  Phantom 4
5.  Inspire 1
6.   Mavic Pro

Becoming a subscriber gives you access to all the DJI drone training programs (excluding the Part 107 Drone School).  In addition, as interviews and new videos are periodically produced subscribers have exclusive access to all the new materials!

What others are saying about Phantom Knowledge:

Takes The Worry Out of Taking To The Skies
Sprague Theobald
I bought my first Phantom quadcopter (Vision 2 +) a while back and needless to say it’s a brilliant product but the learning curve is very steep. What James Bendewald has done with this Blu-ray series is a God send! He very clearly and concisely explains your Phantom’s set up, functions (some hidden) and controls in a logical, easy to understand flow. Information that that took me days of searching the internet to find (with lots of dead ends) is all contained here. A must buy!

A must have for first time owners
I found this DVD to be absolutely critical for first time Phantom Vision Plus owners. It was a very easy to follow video designed to put your mind at ease and feel confident with your ability to properly operate and enjoy your $1200+ investment. I found it absolutely helpful. It’s a professionally shot video and you can tell that those putting this video together are professionals.

Functions of the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter explained step by step.
I’m very happy with the instructional videos. He explains everything step by step so it makes sense to a beginner. I was confused about the functions of the S1 and S2 switches. The videos clarify how they are used. If you are going to spend $1300.00 for the newest Phantom 2 vision+ quadcopter, definitely take the time to watch these videos to protect your investment.

Good Video Can’t say enough good things about this video series!
By Blake on January 27, 2015
I found out about this product soon after purchasing my first drone, and I am definitely glad that I did! Mr. Bendewald has done a remarkable job in his explanation of the core features and workings of this unit! He has a knack for explaining things where dummies like myself can easily grasp the ideas presented and I really appreciate it! I cant tell you how much easier this makes it to set up your new copter! The best thing is the peace of mind that it gives you when you actually go to fly the dang thing!

Phantom Knowledge is  © James Bendewald, 2014, 2015.
Membership purchases are made through James Studio, LLC

Members have access to the training for all the programs!  

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Mavic DVD-1


Getting set up and learning to fly safely on your own can take more hours than you think.  Step-by-step training for the Mavic Pro is a training program that guides Mavic Pro users to quickly set up their aircraft for safe flying.  These step-by-step training videos will save the viewer hours of tedious set up and learning.  They can pause the video and watch it as often as they like.  It is the best way to be prepared and to create enjoyable flying experiences.

It is a thorough and systematic approach to training that really makes a difference and make the purchase well worth it.

Mavic Pro Lessons 

Lesson 1 Getting Started (15 minutes)
1. Overview
2. Charging up
3. Gimbal lock
4. Install the Go App
5. Install the propellers
6. Connect the wires
7. Use a larger mobile device
8. Start up the Mavic Pro and the controller
9. Firmware upgrade

Lesson 2 The Go App 4  (109 minutes)
1. Main menu
2. Status menu
3. Controller menu
4. Avoidance menu
5. Remaining menus
6. Photo and video options

Lesson 3  What to Know Before You Fly  (11 minutes)
1.  The controller
2.  The sticks
3.  Install the props

Lesson 4  Intelligent Navigation (39 minutes)
1.  Normal mode
2.  Tripod mode
3.  Gesture mode
4.  Cinematic mode
5.  Terrain follow mode
6.  Home lock mode
7.  Course lock mode
8.  Active track mode
9.  Way points mode
10. Follow me mode
11. Point of interest
12. Sport mode
13. Jim’s tips

Phantom 4 Lesson One — Getting Setup (18 minutes)

The Phantom 4 is a significant upgrade with object detection and avoidance. In addition, are the new features Tap Fly (flies to the destination you point to on your screen) and ActiveTrack (follows a person or object you select).

In this lesson we go over some basics such as learning to charge the batteries and power up the Phantom and the controller. Downloading the Go App and installing the firmware is demonstrated.

Lesson 1 Chapters
1. Overview
2. Charging Up
3. Go App Install
4. Gimbal Lock
5. Firmware upgrade

Phantom 4 Lesson Two — The Go App (68 minutes)

In this video I go over the various menus in the Camera View of the Go App. The lesson includes insights into what settings might work better for you. The video also covers settings for the aircraft’s camera and video.

Lesson 2 Chapters
1. Overview
2. Flight Mode (Opti) Menu
3. Obstical Sensing Menu
4. Safe to Fly Menu
5. Image Transmission Menu
6. Battery Menu
7. General Settings Menu
8. Photography Menu
9. Telemetry Information
10. Home Point Icon
11. Auto Take Off & Land

Phantom 4 Lesson Three — First Flights (37 minutes)

It is time to get out there and fly. This video provides the final information you need to get out and fly safely. There is a flight explaining and demonstrating how to use Course Lock and Home Lock. There are also fights demonstrating Point of Interest, TapFly and ActiveTrack.

Lesson 3 Chapters
1. Overview
2. First Flight
3. Intelligent Navigation
4. Return to Home
5. TapFly
6. ATTI Mode & Sport Mode
7. ActiveTrack
8. Concluding Remarks

DJI Intelligent Navigation Demonstration (26 minutes)

The advanced features are fun to use and with instruction, easy to learn. However, there are factors that are not completely intuitive. While the advanced features do help to provide a more controlled flight, these are advanced features and if used improperly  they could create a crash. Watch this video so you understand how the Intelligent Navigation features work.  Be sure to use the features wisely by flying in wide open areas. I do not recommend that you use the Follow Me feature or at least be extremely careful.

Stay Safe With Phantom 3 Lessons

P3 DVD-3

Getting set up and learning to fly safely on your own can take more hours than you think. Phantom Knowledge is a training program that guides people to easily set up and understand their aircraft for safe flying. These step-by-step training videos will save the viewer hours of tedious set up. Viewers can pause the video and watch it as often as they like. It is the best way to be prepared and to create wonderful flying experiences

Lesson One – Setup and Installation (16 minutes)
There are many details that this lesson will walk you through. Even knowing how to set up the controller and upgrade the firmware can be a challenge the first time. Phantom 3 Lesson One makes the pieces fit neatly together.

1. Overview
2. Charging Up
3. Remote Controller
4. Firmware Updates

Lesson Two – Pilot App (64 minutes)
The Pilot App is a full-featured and excellent program. It provides the means for understanding the Phantom’s current condition, it allows one to set up and maintain the controller, it even has a flight simulator for making the learning of flying easier.

1. Activate the Phantom
2. Pilot Overview
3. Safe to Fly Menu
4. Mode Menu
5. Radio Controller Menu
6. Lightbridge Menu
7. Battery Menu
8. General Settings Menu
9. Camera Settings
10. Map View Settings
11. Live View Settings
12. Flying Modes

Lesson Three – First Flights (30 minutes)
Nobody wants to crash, but like teenage drivers of cars most drone crashes are from those who are new to flying. So it makes sense to learn some basics before you fly. This lesson includes demonstrations for how to fly safely. Three flights are in a park and one flight is in a church atrium for demonstrating indoor flight.

1. Install Propellers
2. Flight Simulator
3. Simulator Course Lock
4. Some Basics
5. Preflight Check List
6. Transport the Phantom
7. First Flight – Preflight check
8. Second Flight – Course Lock
9. Third Flight – ATTI Mode
10. Fourth Flight – Indoor


Stay Safe With Inspire 1 Lessons
Training for the Inspire 1 is available on Blu-ray and DVD formats.   It is also available here by becoming a member.  The disc versions include three lessons (106 minutes).  The lessons are the same lessons found here with the online membership.   The benefit of membership is having access to new videos when they periodically become available.  I plan to interview professionals from a variety of fields regarding UAVs.  Some examples are: pilots, lawyers, hotshot flyers, hobby shop owners, authors and others that have important things to say about the industry.  I will also continue to produce shorter training videos on specific issues and needs.  The online membership also includes a private forum.

Inspire 3D DVD medium-1

Inspire 1 Lessons

Lesson 1 — Setup and Installation  (23 minutes)
1. Overview and Setup
2. Camera Familiarity
3. Controller & Mobile Devices
4. Camera Installation
5. Firmware Updates

Lesson 2 — Pilot App Software  (43 minutes)
1. Pilot App Overview
2. Main Controller Settings
3. Aircraft Status
4. Remote Control Settings
5. Link Second Controller
6. Set Slave Controller
7. RC Calibrate Sticks
8. Map Features
9. Gimbal Modes
10 Flight Modes

Lesson 3 — First Flight  (40 minutes)
1. Install the Propellers
2. Flight Simulator
3. Course Lock
4. Pre-flight Check
5. Assemble Inspire
6. First Flight Demonstration
7. Second Flight — Course Lock
8. Third Flight — Flight Modes


Phantom Knowledge training for the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is now also available on Blu-ray  and DVD. These disc versions include the first four lessons (154 minutes). It is the same first four video-based lessons as the online membership. However, with the online membership new lessons will be added periodically.  Two new videos that are not on disc: Lesson 5 on Ground Station and a 5 – minute video on how to remove the gimbal on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus. These new lessons will not be on the Blu-ray or DVD discs.    The online membership also includes a private forum.

Phantom Blu-ray1

Lesson 1 Getting Started   (34 minutes)

1. Introductory Comments
2. Preparations
3. Install the Win Driver
4. Power up the Phantom
5. Install the RC Assistant software
6. Install the Vision Assistant software
7. Set up NAZA-M
8. Install the Vision App
9. Introduction to the Vision App
10. Advantages to NAZA-M
11. NAZA-M caveats
12. Preflight check

Lesson 2  First Flight   (47 minutes)

1.  Introductory Comments
2. Install the Propellers
3. The Preflight Check
4. Blinking Green & Red
5. Additional Instructions
6. The First Flight
7. The Various Modes
8. Testing Failsafe
9. Batteries
10.  The Gimbal Lock
11. Larry’s First Flight
12. Shut It All Down

Lesson 3  How to Get Great Photos & Videos   (55 minutes)

1. Introductory Comments
2. Vision App Features
3. Photo & Video Tips
4. Adobe Lightroom Tips
5. Adobe Premiere Pro Tips

Lesson 4  Updates and Calibrations   (19 minutes)

1. Introductory Comments
2. Installation of the updated Vision Assistant Software
3. Installation of the new DJI controller
4. Installation of the updated firmware
5. How to set the Go to Home altitude
6. Understand the IMU calibrations

Lesson 5   Ground Station (14 minutes)

1. Quirky Issues
2. Advantages to using Ground Station
3. Checking the current firmware edition
4. Updating firmware
5. Setting up a mission
6. Flying a mission

Taking off the Gimbal (4 minutes)

For those who wish to try out manual mode or do any trick flying it is foolish to not take off the gimbal.  This video shows you how to do so.

Phantom Knowledge is  © James Bendewald, 2014, 2015.
Membership purchases are made through James Studio, LLC